The social group's current "logo".

Kaelicious is a Role Playing Social Group, created by VengeanceKael, but currently maintained by Bernkastel.

Anyone can sign in and participate in the roleplaying as well as the contests, with the only requirement being the introducing of a character in one of the group's discussions. The group will also host contests associated with the roleplay's story events.

History of the Social GroupEdit

It was created by VengeanceKael at the end of 2012, and started out as a holiday-themed roleplay, in which the members had to help either good or evil, as the holidays progressed. 

Events were held every holiday, like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, and Easter, and every holiday had unique small contests, including Terraining contests, Concept Art contests, Writing Contests and Mapping Contests.

However, VengeanceKael left the ownership for Bernkastel who changed the group a lot, to focus more on roleplaying and less on contests. A new roleplay was started with the theme of a post-apocalyptic roleplay, but it was soon trashed due to low interest from the players.

With a recent suggestion from Amargaard, Bernkastel decided to change it's theme again to be a open Fantasy theme, and the preparations to launch said roleplay is still being made.

Social Group DiscussionsEdit

With the constant change of themes, and a change of leadership, most of the current discussions are still new and fresh, but the current ones are probably going to stay, unless another change of theme is decided by the group's leader.

Currently 4 discussions exist in Kaelicious; [General] Discussions, Allright..., [Concept Art - Contest ] and Character Introductions.

The pictures and members of the groupEdit

  • Easter Terraining Contest Entry by David.Go to the original picture
  • Easter Terraining Contest Entry by Hera_Go to the original picture
  • Easter Terraining Contest Entry by Bernkastel.Go to the original picture
  • Character Concept Art Contest Entry by Amargaard.Go to the original picture
  • Character Concept Art Contest Entry by David.Go to the original picture
Kaelicious currently has 27 pictures, all of which are uploaded as final pieces by participants in the different small contests during the group's history, and is thus a complete mix of World Editor terrain screenshots and concept artwork. The latest five can be seen in the slideshow, just right of here.

The group currently has exactly 100 members, most are inactive however, but some of the core members have remained active since their arrival, and new join in from time to time. Most notable former- and current members are the following:

Trivia and notesEdit

  • It is the only Role Play Social Group to sport contests.
  • Many of the group's members worked on a map project called "Project HHH", but it was paused, and most likely canceled too, when the roleplay restarted. Thus all of the characters in the game weren't used anymore and the project seemed like a waste of time.